How it all began:


AMP Electronics LLC is a Business "born" from a passion. Typically businesses are started with the need and will to pursue a career, something that you like to do and hope you can make a living from. AMP Electronics is much more than a way to make a living, it wasn't created with that in mind, instead, the life of this business starts with self-education, small steps, hours of the day spent brainstorming how I can fix my own PC, a friends phone or tablet with the sole goal of challenging myself and knowing that I can do It, feeling the joy of small achievements with each and every problem solved. Slowly, the increasing calls for resolution problems spread from a friend, to a friend's friend, a relative's friend, referrals became the source of this new business coming to life and this, definitely is something that I am most proud of!!!


History snap-article:


Alberto Medini, was a boy, like many out there today, playing video games, spending hours of the night and day with his Dad, getting through the challenges of "adventure" type games, picking up the clues to find the path to resolve and survive each enigma. At that time games, consoles and computers certainly did not have today's technology, internet was not in our minds and tablets and smart phones were not even a dream because they were not existent and a challenge was figuring out a DOS system, how to get through a screen "freeze", fixing a floppy disk. By the age of 15 years old, he was, without even knowing it, making steps that were leading him to what today is AMP Electronics LLC. He grew with technology, advanced his expertise, one electronic at a time, submerged with progress and looking forward to assist with servicing, customizing and helping you with your home or business devices.


Dedicated to:

To my wife and my kids that patiently waited for me while I was in my "world of electronics" and to my Dad who was there for me, helped and encouraged my passions.

Life challenges are the Path to better Beginnings.......

Challenges are what make life interesting, Overcoming them, is what makes life meaningful!

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From your morning coffee to your first conference call; during your lunch break or the afternoon meeting. For all your business needs or just to text a friend. To check your emails or update your status on your favorite Social Media, from snapping a picture to update it.....for all your electronics devices help & support

AMP Electronics LLC will be there to ensure that everything will work perfectly.